Culligan RV-700A Replacement Filter for RV/Marine – No Hose


If you require a hose, order the 800A, order the 700A for just the cartridge if you already own the short hose. (Photo shows product with the hose, but it does not come with this – order the 800A for the hose.


The Culligan RV-700A filter is for the pre-tank exterior filter replacement.

    • Model RV 700- A is just the filter, there is NO HOSE. The Model RV-800A includes pigtail hose.  The Filter media is “bacteriostatic and it lasts 6 months or one RV season.   If you need the small hose, order 800A
    • The photo shows a hose but this comes with no hose.  If you need the hose, select the RV-800A model.  Thanks.